Some of the most elegant restaurants offer tasty Indian food, ranging from Saag paneer, tandoori chicken, samosa, chicken korma, gulab jamun and Dahi puri as well as chana masala. More often than not, you will find it hard making up your mind about the takeaway cuisine you should order. That is why it is advisable to put some factors into consideration first before making a decision.

Your Tastes

The truth is, you do not love all Indian cuisine. While you may find one dish incredibly delicious, another might not satiate your taste buds at all. Always go for a meal that you like, lest you order something that you will only throw away. Besides, paying for food that you will not eat is only a waste of your hard-earned money.


What is the price of the Indian takeaway dish you are just about to order? Only choose food that you can afford, even if you have to opt for a restaurant that is not on your list of favourites. Otherwise, it is better if you just prepared your food back at home because it might help you save some money.

Is It Healthy?

All takeaway food, Indian or not, is often rich in saturated fat and salt. The more you consume it, the higher your chances of growing obese or suffering from health complications such as high blood pressure. You can, however, stay on the safer side if you go for healthy Indian food. Forget about creamy curries like korma, masala and bhajis. Instead, choose dry or tomato-based curries that include jalfrezi, plain rice, tandoori and poppadums.


Even when you consider all the factors mentioned above, you still need to ensure that you order your Indian take-away from a restaurant that observes high hygiene standards. It is unsafe to order from an eatery that knows nothing about proper sanitation.