Indian Cuisines receive praise the world over for their sweet, savoury taste. However, the sheer amount of Indian dishes available can overwhelm you should you have to narrow down on a single choice. In this post, we look at some top Indian dishes you can order in an Indian restaurant.

1. Naan

Simply translating to flatbread, Naan is a dish that supplements all other Indian dishes. If you love your extra spicy Indian cuisines with something that helps you balance out the spices, then Naan should be on your table when eating. Naan consists of nothing more than just leavened bread that the chef then bakes in an oven. Some variations of the same will include butter and garlic or some chilli to taste.

2. Chicken Makhani

What we all know as butter chicken has a different name in the Indian culture. Chicken Makhani is one of the top Indian dishes that you need to taste. In the Indian method of preparing the butter chicken, chefs cook the tender chicken in a spiced tomato sauce. The chefs use a special type of clay oven called a tandoor to prepare the dish to ensure the rich exquisite taste.

3. Rogan Josh

Do you love chillies? Specifically, do you love Kashmiri chillies? Then you need to try out some Rogan Josh next time you visit an Indian restaurant. This curried meat dish variety is a staple of the Kashmiri region in northern India. It is famous for its rich spicy taste and deep red colour due to the chillies and spices used. If you are curious to know what this meal consists of, it includes lamb chunks that the chef cooks with some gravy. In Kashmiri fashion, the chef makes the gravy using garlic, browned onions, aromatic spices, some yoghurt and ginger.