Indians are known for their elaborate meals and menus. They have a variety of dishes that you can try, whether you are a vegetarian or if you enjoy a little meat on the side. The following are some of the popular meals that you will get in an Indian restaurant.

Murj Makhani

This is butter chicken, and it gets prominence at most Indian restaurants because of how versatile and delicious it is. It can be eaten with several other foods, including rice, naan (oven-baked flatbread), salad, and black lentils.

The recipe is easy to whip up, and like most Indian dishes, it has a lot of spices – but there are some restaurants that will allow you to choose how hot you want your meal to be. The chicken is always marinated two times, and is put in a yogurt or fermented milk solution to make it thick.

Chicken Tandoori

This famous meal is always featured at well-established Indian restaurants. It is barbequed cooked chicken that has been marinated then roasted over a grill or oven.

It is often served with potato wedges, chips, rice, or salad. The chicken can be cut in small portions or served whole depending on preference.

Rogan Josh

Loosely translated, this means red lamb. It is a very spicy meal in which the lamb is cooked in intensely hot red chilies. It also features different spices to give it a red colour.

Besides the chilies, the lamb is covered with cumin, turmeric, cardamom, and garam masala. It is always served with rice or naan.


This is a chickpea curry, suitable for vegetarians who do not want to eat meat. The chickpeas are fried in tomatoes and curries, with a lot of Indian spices.

It is then served hot with naan, rice, and potatoes, although some people love eating it without any accompaniments.